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Introduction to BGM-ambassador from Nederland Frans Wiegmans.

Since we started BGM Social Service Centre in 1994, we see the bulk of sponsorship coming in from Nederland. And because Frans from Nederland was also instrumental in the founding of BGMSSC., that is why I want to spend some words to all our Dutch sponsors about the job of this all-time fundraiser for BGM: Frans Wiegmans. Next to that, in order to apply for Anbi-status in Nederland, we feel it appropriate to bring his introduction to the Dutch sponsors, who are not yet familiar with his work for BGMSSC. We like to inform also new coming cooperatives of Frans in Nederland regarding applying Anbi-status, to take notice of this information. In the road for applying Anbi we already ticked the following boxes: (NGO means BGMSSC.)

  1. Close cooperation with this NGO in India.
  2. Opening one Dutch bank account for processing donation going for this NGO in India.
  3. Independence for this NGO in India.
  4. Detailed feedback on a regular basis, in Dutch sponsors language, about this NGO in India.
  5. Yearly checking out by Frans of the work done by this NGO in India.

Yet there is one box still unticked. That is the box for interesting one more person in Nederland willing and being able to cooperate with Frans in applying for Anbi-status. So this way there are enough persons to meet the minimal requirements to go ahead with the final application. All this information is already for reading on BGM Dutch website, but to speed up this process, we feel it necessary to give this letter of recommendation about Frans Wiegmans from the BGM-India website as well. With this letter we want to back up Frans in achieving this last goal for applying Anbi-status.

Explanation about the work by Frans Wiegmans.
In 1993 Frans Wiegmans came to Neyyar Dam to visit me. Frans did social service to poor people that he would meet on the road, while traveling all over India several times. I really liked his actions of social service, and I asked Frans to share some money with me to do the same. Frans said o.k. but under one condition: I should not use that money for any religious activities, but only use it for doing social service. That was because he did got this sponsors money, provided he would be using this only for doing social service, and not to use for any religious goals. I was still one bible preacher back then, and with some local friends, we formed Bethany Gospel Ministry a few years earlier. It was Frans' choice to share his donations in the founding of BGM from the very start in 1994.

Frans came back next year, and again he gave me some hundreds of Dutch Florins  money to do social service. Every year since then, Frans came to me and brought his donations in hand to me, to let me perform social service for poor people, like distribution of clothing, medicines and school materials.  In 1996 Frans told me that his sponsors wanted to stop giving donations for his project on the road, because they did not like the shopping list of items any more, done by Frans and me for helping the local poor people. So Frans stayed three months at my home and he tried to change his project from this shopping list, into some more ongoing, structural project led by local people instead of him leading it from Nederland. Also it was time to stop this project from being his own personal project, into one real Indian registered project. Because Frans had been student in both Social and Pedagogy Academies 10 to 15 years earlier, he is very well equipped doing this.

So, Frans told me in 1996, that we should be starting up one project, in which I and several co-workers, could be doing social service on a regular basis according to one structured plan. And he advised me, to open one bank account in India, so Frans did not have to bring donations cash in hand, to continue this social service to the poor. To get started up, and to be sure my poor co-workers would be able continue working without having to worry about money income, Frans proposed to me, to pay the daily wages for myself and co-workers and also to provide running cost, all out of his sponsors money.

After lengthy discussions in these three months that Frans visited me, Frans and I agreed to make one weekly forest clinic, to start off for good. Frans wrote the outline for this first project by BGM, so that he could present this to his sponsors in Nederland for collecting donations. That way, Frans won 10.000 Dutch Florins at his sponsor's to generate donations for BGM. In the mean time, Frans advised me to change Bethany Gospel Ministry into BGM Social Service Centre. Permission was finally granted in 2000 to receive foreign donations into one Indian bank account for BGM. It was the start for BGM Social Service Centre as we know it today.

From that moment on, and by doing this, Frans could more easily win sponsorship every year, and so gradually, BGM became one big grass roots organization, with local co-workers on a more regular basis, actively involved in different programs, like the Forest Clinic, After School Program, building water wells, and other activities. BGM initially got sponsorship only via Frans and much later other sponsors stepped in, like the Indian government via Capart, and also other international sponsorship started flowing in.

So let me say to everyone, Frans Wiegmans is still happily involved and attached to BGM on a daily basis as founding father and fundraiser. He is officially ambassador for BGM.S.S.C. since 1995. Dutch sponsors are advised to approach him for any information regarding BGMSSC. He is also giving out newsletters on a regular basis, as well as slide and video-presentations at the sponsors own location, by demand.

For more information, look at the website-pages he made for BGM on his  website: Look also at the short films he placed on YouTube: just enter this search-name in Google: BGMsocialserviceCTR and you may find several project short films there. Please make use of the BGM-Dutch bank account, to accommodate Dutch sponsors who are not able to send in their donations straight to the Indian bank account for BGM.

We hope sponsors will get motivated to send in their donations. For more information,  send your email to this BGM- ambassador  Frans Wiegmans at: Dutch
 Thank you,
 Wilson Kochukunju, director for BGM Social Service Centre, India.

Donations to send the following Dutch account Number: ING 1206857
Actie Comite BGM Nederland,Hallsteinerf-30,1963 AD,Heemskerk.