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BGM Social Service Centre is undertaking the following projects in Thiruvananthapuram / Trivandrum, Kerala, India:

Education Projects [Top]
Girl Students BGM School Kerala Computer Education BGM Kerala

International Volunteers Programme

International Volunteers BGM KeralaBGM Social Service Centre is the member of International Volunteers Group. BGM conducts various exchange programmes, which benefit the local people very much. Through this program, we were able to understand various cultural activities prevailing in other parts of the World. Many foreigners visit our organization and stay here from 1 week to 3 months.  During this period they are actively involved in various developmental activities of BGM.  They also take classes in our Evening Schools teaching various subjects.

School Material distribution Programme

School Material DistributionMost of the families in the target area belong to Below Poverty Line families. More than 50% of the population belong to Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe, Dalit  and other backward communities.  Their living conditions are very poor.  Most of the parents are illiterate and they are unable to teach their children properly. The poor parents are unable to provide study materials like text books, note books and school uniform to their children. This is the main reason for not sending their children regularly in schools. 

BGM regularly distributes Study Materials, School Uniforms, School Bags, etc.,  to poor school students in the nearby Schools.   This year we had distributed School uniform to more than 600 poor students studying in various schools from 1st Standard to 8th Standard.  The study materials and uniforms were purchased with the contributions received from well wishers and from our own fund.  If the study materials and uniforms were not distributed, many poor students will not be in a position to go to schools.

Evening School Education Programme

School Children BGM KeralaAs most of the families in the target area belong to Below Poverty Line(BPL) families.  Their  parents are illiterate and they are unable to teach their children properly. But always they want to give better education to their children.  The poor children are unable to attend regular class in Schools because most of the children does not get uniform or cloth.  To overcome this situation,  the BGM Social Service Centre regularly conducts free tuition to the students of 23 villages during evening times and holidays.  A dedicated and committed team of educated persons are co-operating with the organization for conducting Tuition classes.

At present BGM Social Service Centre has got 23 centers and the number of students in each center varies from 30 to 40. Totally around 614 students attend the classes. BGM provides small refreshment  to the students because most of the students belong to very poor families. In each centre we provide one teacher.

Computer Education  Programme

Computer Education BGM KeralaComputer Technology is increasingly making new applications.  Earlier computers were mainly used for data processing.  Most of the companies and organizations had many application like pay roll, inventory control, account payables etc.  But today this scenario is gradually changing.  Many of the services that we make use of in our daily life is associated with computer applications.  Thus computer applications give ample scope for rural youth especially rural women to create employment opportunities.

BGM Social Service Centre  had developed a computer training center with 2 computers and other facilities. BGM had appointed a teacher to impart training in computer This is very much helpful  to the rural women in this area.  BGM provides free training to the Self Help Group members and other unemployed girls. A   qualified and experienced teacher is working as trainer cum D T P worker.  Many trained girls get employment opportunities as wage employees.

Environment Projects [Top]
Environment Club BGM Kerala Wells Constructin BGM Kerala

Environment Club & Environment Campaigns

BGM Social Service Centre had developed an Environment Club.  They visit houses and help the families to plant trees and other plants for environment protection.  BGM regularly conducts environment campaigns in which the bad effects of plastic and other non degradable  materials are explained to them.  This year BGM had organized the World Environment Day by organizing a seminar.

The women development cell of the BGM Social Service Centre organizes  different awareness programmes  regularly through women Self Help Groups.  A lot of group discussions  and interactions are arranged within the Women Self Help Groups and Tuition Centres. BGM regularly conducts awareness camps for mothers  in nutrition, Health and sanitation, child care etc.  These camps are very much useful to them.

Rain Water Harvesting

Presently BGM Social Service Centre is constructing Rainwater Harvesting tanks to needy people in the area.

Health Projects [Top]
Health Clinic BGM Kerala Wells Sanitation BGM Kerala

Ayurvedic Clinic

BGM Social Service Centre is running an Ayurvedic Free Clinic for tribal forest people at Puruvimala, which is situated with in the forest area, providing consultation and medicines on wednesdays.  About 50/70(Tribes) are visiting the clinic for consultation and medicines.  This clinic is very useful for this poor people. There is no other medical facility in that forest area.

Emergency Distribution

Emergency Distribution BGM KeralaBGM Social Service Centre had developed a emergency cell to provide all assistance to the local people as and when required. Sometimes natural calamities, or other disease in whole village people, or lot of poverty in one area, or suffering widows for food, or children, in that time we will distribute medicine, or rice or and daily livelihood items that critical condition time.

Water Wells Construction for poor families

Water Wells Construction BGM KeralaThe project area of BGM faces acute shortage of drinking water around six months a year.  Most of the people depend on open water sources like pond, community wells etc. for fetching water.  But during summer the level of ground water gets lowered and they do not get drinking water. So, sometime people get Cholera, Diarrhea or Diarrhoea and different kinds of water related diseases. So, BGM Social Service Centre takes up digging of open wells or individual wells for poor people.

Toilet Construction Programme

Toilet Construction BGM KeralaFrom  inception BGM Social Service Centre has concentrated on the health and hygiene of rural people. One of the main  problem in this area  is  the non availability of sanitary latrines for the poor people. At present they do not have proper sanitation facility.  Many people are defecating and urinating in open places, which lead to water and air pollution, causing lot of communicable diseases and infection of various types of worms among the children.

BGM regularly  takes up construction of improved and cost effective sanitary latrines for poor people. By providing sanitary latrines to individual houses, good sanitary habits can be encouraged among rural folk.  This will also provide privacy especially among women and children and is more convenient during monsoon and winter seasons.  Regular awareness trainings are also organised for the local people.

Women  Empowerment Projects [Top]
Women Self Help Group Meeting BGM Kerala Women Self Help Group Meeting BGM Kerala

Women Self Help Groups

Women Self Help Groups BGM KeralaBGM Social Service Centre had already formed more than  215 Women Self Help Groups(SHGs).  The number of members in each group varies  from 15 to 20.  The strengthening of SHGs through training, setting up micro production units, Goat rearing, Poultry keeping etc assumes a vital role in the alleviation rural poverty. 

SHG’s are an effective mode of rural saving, mobilization and credit delivery to the poor women.  More over these SHG’s are expected to provide a Forum for women in which they can discuss and disseminate their problems and take a collective decision to solve these problems.  Almost all SHG members belong to very poor families and  their living conditions are very poor. 

BGM regularly conduct group meetings in which the SHG members talk openly and discuss their problem.  One team member from BGM Social Service Centre regularly attends the meetings and give proper guidance to the SHG members. 

At present rural women are aware of their rights, but unless and until they come together and work together and fight their rights will still be a dream.  Organizing the women and creating awareness is formed to be most important in their regard.  BGM Social Service Centre take the responsibility of organizing them, mobilizing them and capacitating them. For that BGM has five animators and one coordinator.

Tailoring School for Rural Women

Tailoring BGM KeralaThe tailoring school run by BGM Social Service Centre has proved very much helpful  to the rural women in this area.  BGM provides free training to them. A  well qualified and experienced teacher is working as trainer.  After training, the women use this center as a common service center.  Most of the trained women use the facility. Many trained SHG members purchase sewing machines and regularly use it.

BGM provides all help to SHG members to purchase machine and to start production centers either individually or collectively. They are further given short term training in Embroidery and fashion Design work,  which gives more income to them.

Empowerment through Vocational Training

  • Handicraft  Training Programme
    BGM is running different kinds of Handicraft Training Programmes, like Doll making training, Hand made flower making training, Fabric painting training, Hand Embroidery Training, Pappad making Training, Pickle making training, etc. Many rural women are using this facility.

  • Fabric Painting with Hand Embroidery, Flower making Training and Sari Painting and Hand Embroidery Training.

    In order to overcome un-employment and poverty, BGM Social Service Centre is running a  Job training for poor women. The Training is given free of cost. After the  completion of the  training, BGM is providing adequate support to these women beneficiaries to start independent units.The main objective of such training programmes is   to provide earning power to the poor women.

    Majority of the women   in the society are    depending  on the earning of their husbands. So family income is not improving. In addition to it due to lack adequate job opportunities and low remuneration life of these poor women are miserable. Now BGM Social Service Centre is actively   conducting such training programmes to  reduce unemployment and poverty. Number   of women in the adjacent villages are approaching the trust to start training centers at their villages, but due to lack of sufficient funds we are not in a position to accept their request.

Cow Distribution

Cow Distribution BGM KeralaBGM Social Service Centre is working in this area for the last 12 year.  BGM had conducted a large number of awareness camps and  programme in the target area. BGM had conducted a detailed survey of each and every family in the target area and recorded all resources available. They had a lot of socio-economic problems which make their living conditions very poor.  

The male members are the main earning members who go for outside jobs. They get job only for few days.  So their family income is very low and living conditions are poor.  Women members get a lot of spare time.  Even though they cannot be engaged full time, if the spare time is made use of, they can also make some income.  If the women members are organized trained and capacitated, they themselves will be able to generate sustainable  income.

Animal Husbandry based development fits most appropriately in the country’s programme for food security, rural development and equitable distribution of income. It directly helps in crop production not only by providing manure but also by making sufficient funds available for purchasing essential inputs.  Animal husbandry offers additional employment opportunities to  rural people.  This can be treated as a complementary or supplementary source of income to different target groups in rural areas.
Cows can efficiently survive on available shrubs & trees in use harsh environment in low fertility land.  When agricultural crops fail, rearing of cows help small and marginal farmers.  It is especially true in the case of small/marginal farmers, landless labour & rural folks, weaker sections and women.  cow keeping is recommended for rural people not only for earning additional income, but also as a regular source of milk for their children.  Cows have low maintenance costs and give short-term returns on capital investment with low risk on capital investment. 

BGM distributed milking cow women in the family, who had more than 10 cents of land which is being unutilized.  If new variety of grass can be grown, it will be sufficient of one cow to feed throughout the year. The average milk yield is 10 liters per day and the net profit is around Rs 75 per day. This is   very much helpful to the family because this gives an additional remuneration for their spare time job.

Now they had started vegetable cultivation using the cow dung (organic manure). Of course a part of milk and fresh vegetables will be consumed by the family members, which in turn will improve the health of rural folk in turn will give additional income to them.The main objective of the scheme to make sure that women become self independent and family gets good nutrition (milk and vegetables) and education to their children.

Goat Distribution

Goat Distribution to Tribal Women BGM KeralaGoat rearing is comparatively simple and less expensive and can be managed by women.  There is very good demand for goat milk and goat meat. A new variety of goat called “malabari Goat”, having high yielding capacity in terms of milk and meat is identified and propagated by BGM Social Service Centre.  This has very good disease prevention capacity also.

BGM promotes goat rearing among the groups because this provide comparatively better income with less strain. The amount for the purchase of goat will be mobilized by the beneficiary through Bank and will be monitored by the BGM through SHGs.


BGM welcomes volunteers with different skills & qualifications like: doctors, nurses, teachers, engineers, etc. and is very keen to hear from you. BGM strives to create a specific and meaningful role for each of the Volunteers. Everyone who volunteers with BGM will, at the very least, get the opportunity to experience grass-roots level development work first-hand.

Learning to read and write English is generally very important in India. All government jobs require fluency in English and typically interviews are carried out in English too. The quality of English tuition in government schools however, is usually poor unlike private fee-paying schools. BGM welcomes the help of volunteers in teaching English.

Whenever funds are available BGM employs workers to build wells and toilets. If your visit coincides with well/toilet construction then there may be opportunities to assist with labouring.

Accommodation and costs

Due to space constraints BGM can currently only accommodate seven to ten volunteers at a time. This is in Mr.Wilson's (BGM founder) home upstairs, which has separate four double rooms and a single room with western-style commode / toilet and shower/bucket/jug facilities for bathing.

The house is situated in green, peaceful and scenic location offering excellent views across of the Neyyar Dam Reservoir and the spectacular Western Ghats One must enjoy this natural beauty especially at sunrise.

The family will be happy to have three time meals with you or if you prefer to be on your own, you are welcome to prepare your own meals in separate kitchen upstairs.

Donations from volunteers are very welcome (though not essential) and help to cover the cost of three time meals and accommodation. From the donations 70 % will go towards the charity works of BGM. To make an online application for joining BGM Social Service Centre as a Volunteer, please click here..